Mindless Mayhem EP

by RedEye Revival

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released December 31, 2014



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RedEye Revival Leeds, UK

Riffs & Biffs.

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Track Name: Boring Bastard
Stay the fuck away from me (boring bastard!)
I don't want your company (boring bastard!)
Focusing on misery (boring bastard!)
Please leave me be! (boring bastard!)

If you can't enjoy yourself
Then go speak to someone else
Coz I can't stand hearing your noise
When I'm getting fucked up with the boys
Boring Bastard!

You're absorbing all the fun (boring bastard!)
Spoiling it for everyone (boring bastard!)
Something has to be done (boring bastard!)
Stop flapping your gums (boring bastard!)

Boring Bastard get FUCKED.
Track Name: Mindless Mayhem
The night begins with a couple of hits off of the bong
5th of bourbon, jagerbombs, beer pong
Starting to struggle, seeing double
Staggering helplessly towards the front door
Tactical chunder, allover the kitchen floor
Heading towards town, completely face down

When the whiskey river flows
It's mindless mayhem

Don't need an excuse or a reason to party
Live the life you choose

Enter the bar room, shots upside down
Fall off the bar stool. as everything is spinning round
No need for consequence with bottle confidence
Running your mouth at strangers who couldn't care less
Jokes with no punch line, now officially a mess
Unable to recall anything at all

When the whiskey river flows
It's mindless mayhem