Partied out but i gotta stay awake
I'm getting hungry but I don't want birthday cake
Only one thing that can feed my appetite
Party food and it's fuel for the whole night
I got a number but I can't get dial tone
I've got no signal on this fucking shit phone
Message pending, message send failure
Come on just do me a favour

A friendly voice hails from the next room
Does anyone else want party food?
I was trying to get some, thank god you were able to come
This night was nearly at an end, you are a fucking legend

I'm only here
For a good time
There's nothing wrong
With enjoying your life

Hitting the white liquor hard
Feeling the blast beat in my racing heart
It's like a wave rushing through my veins
I'm gonna get up, go insane

Lining up like gentlemen
This party is about to begin
Pass the chalk board if you please
I'd like a turn but I don't want to use my keys
Inhale now a venomous taste
But don't let the backdrip go to waste
From being held up by the wall
To now standing tall
Party food for all


from Raise Hell, No Regrets, released July 18, 2016



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RedEye Revival Leeds, UK

Riffs & Biffs.

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